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Analog WLED RGBW Starter Kit


The starter kit includes: ​ ​

1x LS8P Dual ESP82685 WLED Analog controller

​1x 24V4A Power Adaptor ​

1x 24V RGBW Strip light 5m ​

1x DC Cable ​

1x User Manual


Wire Diagram


1. Connect the power cable and strip cable to the controller. ​ ​

2. Connect the strip light to the controller, ensuring that VCC is connected to 24V, R/G/B/W accordingly ​ ​

3.Connect the power adaptor to the controller.


The LS8P Dual  WLED Controller


ESP8285H16 with 2M memory ​

Maximum Curent 16A ​ ​



  • R:GPIO5
  • G:GPIO13
  • B:GPIO14
  • CW:GPIO4
  • WW:GPIO12



  • Button:GPIO0
  • IR:GPIO2


The Analog RGBW Strip Light


Voltage: 24V

Length: 5M ​LED: 60leds/m ​

FPCB Width:12mm

​PCB Color: White ​WaterProof: IP20 (None-waterproof) ​

Warm White or Cool White Option


The Power Adaptor


EU/US/UK Standard Optional ​

AC Input:110-240V 50/60Hz ​

DC Output: 24V4A




1. To reset the controller, please press and hold the key more than 10s ​ ​

2. Due to voltage drop, the actual power output of this strip at full brightness is about 70W. But power injection is not neccesary


WLED Analog 24V RGBW Kit

70.80$ מחיר רגיל
49.56$מחיר מבצע
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